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Our Mission

To set an example in Neuro-Psycho-Social Rehabilitation by Providing World class Treatment & Compassionate Care

Our Services

Mental hospital in Pune

Mental Hospital !

In Jagruti our focus is to provide comprehensive, multimodal care solution. Our facilities provide effective care & treatment required for sychiatric Patients. On Admission Detailed history & Diagnosis of the illness. Explanation to the family members the natural course & Prognosis of the illness. Individualized Treatment Plan.....

Dementia Care !

Dementia a chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease or injury and marked by memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning”. It May be associated with loss of social judgement, higher functions & forgetfulness. Which interferes with day today communications & activities of patients....

dementia care centre in pune

de addiction centre in pune

De Addiction Programme :

Understanding addiction as an illness, to develop Self Awareness & To develop strong will to quit addiction are the prime targets. Don’t blame the patients as they are in vicious cycle , unable to quit it.They are too obsessed with addiction too much that they give priority to addiction than other thing.Usually there may be some underlying Psychiatric problem.

Why Choose Our Center?

jagruti rehab daily assistance

Daily Assistance

Our rehabilitation services helps in bridging the gap between the hospital and home and allows you to cultivate the necessary skills to lead an independent lifestyle and better lifestyle.

 living condition

Living Condition

Jagruti Rehab centre provides best living conditions for our Rehab patients, we provide the beds, AC, TV, Food, Special Room for activities, Yoga, meditation etc…

27/7 staff care

24/7 Staff Care

Jagruti Rehab provides a 24/7 care from staff personnel so that we have a 360 degree attention so that your stay at the center is at its best. There are tons of facilities that help people overcome addiction.

 rehab centre

Our Experience

Jagruti Rehab centre has been providing psychology, dementia, de-addiction, and Addiction treatment for more than 12 years and has treated various chronic patients facing psychological diseases