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Dr. Amar Shinde

Biographical Sketch

He chose Psychiatry over IAS; due to sense of responsibility & enthusiasm to do something, for the vast population suffering from Psychological Problems, as the quality of the lives of the patients as well as their relatives is severely affected.

After Post Graduation in Psychiatry, from BJ Medical College, Pune; He worked in BJ Medical College as a lecturer & then Senior Psychiatrist at Regional Mental Hospital Yerawada, Pune, Which is one of the largest Mental Hospitals.

Also he is a Consultant Psychiatrist at Noble Hospital, Pune since 2007.

After working for initial few years he found that rehabilitation is a complete care solution for such patients. Therefore he launched Jagruti Rehabilitation Center in Pune, Maharashtra; with the help of Colleagues & his family members. The aim was to provide quality care & treatment for the persons suffering from Psychological, Addiction & Geriatric Problems.

Dr. Amar Shinde

Dr. Amar Shinde

Now Jagruti Rehabilitation Center is one of the best Psychological Care Centers in the Country. Since 2008 till date, within 10 years it has Grown up to 200 Bedded Rehabilitation center. He is also supported by three Psychiatrists & One Neurologist.

He is largely working for awareness in Doctors & society about the treatment of Dementia & Its management & has taken various lectures for the same.

Dr. Amar Shinde is committed to develop one of the best Rehabilitation Centers, which would Provide Best Quality of life to the Patients & Their Relatives. It would be one of the Milestones in the development in Psychological Treatments in India.