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Dementia Awareness Program

Dementia awareness program to be held in pune on the occasion of world alzheimer’s day

15 th September 2017

Dementia is a disorder of the mental processes caused by Brain Dysfunction which includes Memory impairment and Behavioral changes” said Dr. Amar Shinde of Jagruti Rehabilitation centre during press conference, conducted regarding an awareness program “How to prevent Dementia”? It will be held on 20th September between 4 to 7 p.m. at Amber Hall, Karve Road followed by Free Alzheimer Dementia Test. Dr. Shinde was accompanied by physiatrist Dr. Himanshu Pendse and Niranjan Pandit, Counselor, Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre. In the conference, they shared their mission, vision and the services which are given by the centre.

Dr. Shinde said, “Currently 44 Million people live with Dementia Worldwide. 5 Million People adding to this, every year. It’s estimated that up to 2040 the total population living with Dementia will be 80 Millions. In India the growth of people living with Dementia will be 300% more in coming years. Most types of Dementias can’t be cured but, if detected early there are various ways to treat them or at least maintain mental functions & prevent deterioration. Also if there is an early diagnosis, person can plan their own treatments & Future. They can find out the right people, hospital & authority of their property, to lead a fulfilled life”.

“People know that exercise helps physical outcomes. They know how to cope with Diabetes, Heart Disease, Blood Pressure or any other physical problems but there is much less awareness of mental health outcomes” said Psychiatrist Dr Himanshu Pendse. “Counseling is recognised as an effective tool for helping make life as normal as possible for people in the early stages of dementia. Although it cannot be cured or reversed, it can be managed. In recent years, more attention has been given to dementia counseling as a way of helping those with dementia and their families deal with the diagnosis.” Said Niranjan Pandit.

How to prevent Dementia? Program is organised by Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre seeks to create awareness and dispel the stigma around Alzheimer’s disease. At the same venue, Free Alzheimer’s Dementia Testing Camp will be arranged. Admission is free and open to the public.