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Mental Hospital


  • A group of disorders with Delusions, Hallucinations & Behavioral disturbances.
  • Suspicious about people that they are against him. Feeling of black magic.
  • Suspiciousness about wife’s fidelity.
  • Not mixing with people, poor social interaction.
  • Reduced communication, illogical thoughts.
  • Bizzare & abnormal behaviour.
  • Awkward Positions.
  • Get irritable & violent behaviours.

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Alzheimer’s Dementia in Pune

Addiction rehab centres in Pune

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

  • Recurrent thoughts, impulses or images
  • Repetitive behaviors like hand washing, checking, counting or praying.
  • Sometimes person can understand but unable to control his own thoughts.

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Bipolar Affective Disorder


  • Raised Self Esteem.
  • Decreased Need for Sleep.
  • Increased Energy.
  • Overtalketiveness, Big talks, spening spree.
  • Overactivity.

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Addiction treatment centre Mumbai

Psychiatrists in Mumbai


  • Feeling Low.
  • Decreased Interest.
  • Decreased Concentration.
  • Decreased Confidence, multiple physical complaints.
  • Suicidal Ideas & Attempts.
  • We have special precautional measures with suicidal Tendencies.