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Mentally sound

A man is always judged by his attitude, character and intelligence which is reflected through balanced mental health. Brain indicates more about intelligence and mind gestures our sound mental health. Our whole body works through the signals sent by mind for performing their tasks. Any kind of disability is always a difficulty for the individual. However, when a brain is involved, it is truly hazardous

A person’s mind is full of surprises. Even researchersfind it difficult to uncover its depth. There are various mental disorders which have made mankind struggle over solutions. A brain disorder cannot be seen unlike other body parts which makes it more challenging. Mental disorders have a surprise element wherein you don’t know how a patient will react. Although, there are various mental healthcare institutions around, a mind is still a mystery.

A mentally retarded person goes through multiple internal changes of personality. They suffer disorders like delusions, hallucinations and behavioural disturbances among others. The person starts doubting and acts suspicious with their dear ones. Many times, they face fear and anxiety in small incidents. They restrict themselves to communication and social interactions. Their bizarre behaviour and illogical thoughts are difficult to understand. Their behaviour makes them aggressive and violent which becomes difficult to their loved ones.

Instead of ignoring or scolding them, we need to understand, treat and rehabilitate them. These people need love and care to transfer themselves. If a sane person reacts negatively towards them, it hurts them which in turn enhances their disorders. Nowadays, there are various rehabilitation centres available who work for the mentally unstable people. The focus of transformation should be treatment and if there is no treatment available, handling the person patiently and carefully is vital. Although there can by umpteen reasons for this instability, rehabilitation centres should be their first priority.