Vision & Missions


To set an example in


& treatment of psychological, de-addiction & dementia patients by providing world class, comprehensive & compassionate care.

Dr. Amar Shinde


When I chose Psychiatry over IAS, I had a sense of responsibility & enthusiasm that I want to do something for the vast population suffering from Psychological Problems. The quality of life of the patients as well as their family members is severely affected . After working for initial few years, I found that rehabilitation is a complete care solution for such patients. Therefore we launched Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre with the help of my colleagues & my family members.My main focus was to provide lots of therapeutic work for

Psychiatric & De-addiction care


Geriatric care especially for Dementia patients was a challenge as they require lots of physical care. With devoted staff I could show some good results in all these three fields.

I wish to thank all who supported Jagruti & request to continue the same help & support.

Dr Amar Shinde