Jagruti Rehabilitation Center

Providing quality care & treatment for Neuro-Psychological illnesses.

Our Core Purspose

Our organization’s primary focus is to provide quality care & treatment for the people suffering from various Neuro-Psychological illnesses.

We provide family centered team approach to help people with debilitating illnesses to manage their symptoms, live fully & keep control over their lives. We provide total health care solutions to ameliorate the quality of life of not only the patients but their family members also in these chronic illnesses.

The Establishment

A small clinic in 2006 with 20 beds, has now grown up to a 200 bedded, one of the biggest Neuro-Psychological Rehabilitation centre in Maharashtra.

We have two building currently, with one is totally dedicated to Dementia & Neuro care. This dementia care is First of such care in Maharashtra. www.jagrutidementiacare.com

Addiction is also a neuro-psychological illness which causes changes in Reward Circuit in brain. Hence separate De Addiction ward with excellent detoxification services has been developed.

We provide following services

  • Psychological Rehabilitation
  • Dementia Care
  • Mental retardation care
  • De Addiction
  • Palliative Care & Hospice
Dr Amar Shinde
The Founder

Vijaya Shinde

She has been a die-hard social worker and fighter all of her life. She started with a female self-help group named "Jagruti Mahila Gat," then started working for the social upliftment of poor people and underprivileged people. Getting them government schemes and helping them get ration cards, getting piped water supply to the societies, etc. Her focus was on education from the start.

Eventually, as her son became a psychiatrist, she motivated him to Start the rehabilitation center. And started on 1st December 2008. When Jagruti Rehabilitation Center Started in Pune with a capacity of 10 beds, she used to do all types of work, from cooking to talking with family members or giving baths to the patients. She nurtured this tree of Jagruti like her baby and worked hard for days and nights for its progress.

Dr Amar Shinde
The Founder

Dr. Amar Shinde

M.B.B.S , D.P.M , F.I.P.S.

After Post Graduation in Psychiatry, Dr. Amar Shinde, from BJ Medical College, Pune, worked at BJ Medical College as a lecturer & then Senior Psychiatrist at Regional Mental Hospital Yerawada, Pune, Which is one of the largest Mental Hospitals. He is also a Consultant Psychiatrist at Noble Hospital, Pune, since 2007.

After working for initial few years, he found that rehabilitation is a complete care solution for such patients. Therefore he launched Jagruti Rehabilitation Center in Pune, Maharashtra, with the help of Colleagues & his family members. The aim was to provide quality care & treatment for persons suffering from Psychological, Addiction & Geriatric Problems.

Now Jagruti Rehabilitation Center is one of the best Psychological Care Centers in the Country. In the last 14 years, Jagruti grew from 10 bedded facilities to 5 branches, totaling 0f 600 Bedded Rehabilitation centers.

Dr. Amar Shinde is committed to developing one of the best Rehabilitation Centers to provide the Best Quality of life to Patients & Their Relatives. It would be one of the Milestones in developing Psychological Treatments in India. Jagruti is now researching the latest drugs for schizophrenia and dementia with pharma companies. Also, annually, eight postgraduate Psychiatrists are created at Jagruti Rehabilitation Center.