Some of the most frequently asked Questions....

What is the pricing model? How much does a rehab cost?

a. Different locations have different charges also charges varies according to facility
b. We have General ward, 3 sharing, 2 sharing and separate rooms
c. Please call us or message us on 9822207761 to get the pricing details

Do you have psychiatrists on board?

a. At all 3 centres we have full time Psychiatrists.they will take your detailed history, he/she will do diagnosis/counselling/ communicating with your original doctor too.

What are the different treatments done at Jagruti?

a. All type of psychiatry illnesses

b. All type of de-addiction programs

c. And also we have assisted living for old age patients suffering from general illnesses/Dementia/ Alzheimer’s etc

Will you be able to manage if the patient is aggressive?

a. Yes, our speciality is managing aggressive patients so rest assured.

Can you pick up the patient from their residence?

a. Yes, pick up facility is available at all centers.

Can your rehab cure my alcohol addiction problem?

a. We do treat alcohol addiction the treatment consists of three segments

b. 1. Alcohol withdrawal -> generally it lasts from 2/3 days to 20 days according to age and quantity of consumption. This is a reaction when someone stops taking alcohol and it can be a serious condition

c. 2. Liver damages -> Even less drinkers can get liver swelling or damage. There is a level of bilirubin till that point we can treat it, after that it becomes cirrhosis

d. 3. De-addiction program -> we follow 12 step de-addiction program

Do you treat Schizophrenia Patients?

a. Yes Schizophrenia is one of the major illness in psychiatry we have around 40% patients who are suffering from Schizophrenia

What is the guarantee of treatment of Schizophrenia?

a. The success of Schizophrenia treatment varies with every patient.

b. Still we have seen around 80-90% cases of success rate in Schizophrenia.

c. Success is also depends on expectations we keep.

Do you treat Mental illness patients?

a. Yes, all types of mental illnesses are treated.

What is the guarantee of de-addiction in case of alcohol or weed addiction?

a. Guaranty is not a word in de-addiction, success rate varies from 60-70% in

alcohol cases to 70-80% in weed addiction

b. Hard drugs like MD, Cocaine has very less success rate

Do you take female patients?

a. Yes we have around 40% female patients at all our centres.

Do psychiatry patients and addiction patients stay together?

a. We have different wards for these patients, but both these illnesses are considered as psychiatric illnesses and they are non-contagious