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A human brain is a vast analytical topic for discussion to researchers and psychologists. Although they are finding solutions for its problems, many of its disorders are still in research. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder wherein a person experiences hallucination and is away from reality. He shows difference in his speech and behaviour. Schizophrenia appears in lateadolescence and early adulthood. The hallucinations and delusions are triggered through a certain episode or incident that has happened in their life.

Schizophrenia can be caused due to umpteen reasons like hereditary disorders, biological and structural disorders among others.There are different types of Schizophrenia that affects a person’s life.Paranoid Schizophrenia, childhood Schizophrenia, catatonic Schizophrenia, hebephrenic Schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. A schizophrenic person’s thinking capability and concentration is affected. These people are stable and not violent always. The signs of Schizophrenia are lack of sleep, experiencing things differently, change in behaviour and personality, volatile behaviour patterns and withdrawal symptoms from social among others.

The family of schizophrenic person needs to understand their situation and start the treatment immediately. Although there is no permanent cure for Schizophrenia, a perfectly timed guidance can help them recover through the extreme episodes. Rehabilitation is also another vital factor with primary treatment. The person needs to understand that he can lead a normal and qualitative life with his illness. He should be encouraged to follow his daily activities and hobbies. The family should take care that they don’t hurt, embarrass or get angry on the patient. Nowadays, there are rehabilitation centres who understand the problems of their patients and treat accordingly. These patients are truly transformed through this rehabilitation centres. These patients not only open up to their psychologists and experts but also start connecting with the surrounding and people thus increasing their participation in social life.