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I knew about  

Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre

from my close relative.

My Husband had the habit of drinking from 10 years before my marriage but were not familiar with it. So I suffered about 10 years. When I knew about Jagruti, I came here with my husband and family members. We admitted him on 30th august 2010, after his admission, I frightened very much what will happen now. But Dr. Amar Shinde gave me confidence “do not worry”. We all are here for him. Doctor’s parents are also very cooperative. But after one month on 30th September 2010 we got his discharge. Dr. Shinde co operated with me very much and gave discharge to my husband.After that day my life has a great change. My husband is also changed totally. I saw unbelievable changes in him.

Now we are well settled. After 2-3 years, medicinal course is also over. But still we are in close contact with Dr. Amar Shinde.

I really feel, Dr. Amar shinde is God for us. I can’t forget him all over my life. My husband also respect him like a God.

Thank you sir
Thank you very much to Dr Amar Shinde, Jagruti Staff, His parents…

Mrs Mundada


Psychiatric Hospital in Pune

We are more than thankful to jagruti, for there efforts and giving personal attention which hardly find in todays world.

Kiran Raut

Hi, my sister had mental health issues and I found Jagruti through lot of research and admitted her for long term treatment at Jagruti. This centre is a huge building fully equipped with latest medical care and services. This centre takes care of patients as if their own family members and treats them so kindly. There is dedicated staff who is always ready for utmost services and patient's family members get true relief until patient stays in center. I found good amount of difference after 6 months in my sister's health and I would like to really appreciate doctor and their family for making this happen. I'm really thankful for their love and care

Pritam Jape

Words are less for appreciation... such a wonderful staff and facilities..... What to say about Doctor.... he's a god for me .... who did miracle.... would say a best of best .. thank you so much Dr. Amar Shinde Sir ....

Nitin Mahajan

I met Dr, Amar Shinde, and got magical positive changes in my wife. Now we all family members are totally happy. Because Jagruti team and specifically Dr. Amar Shinde sir are brilliantly treated my wife . Thank you to Dr, Amar Shinde Sir.

Dattatray Mhaske

Consulting Dr. Amar sir for treatment to my sister on schizophrenia. Before visiting Jagruti rehab, we consulted many other psychiatrist in Pune, but there were no results. After consulting at Jagruti, patient has improved a lot. It's very tough to come out of such diseases if patient does not have will power to come out. But, surely a supportive staff and doctors can raise the confidence of the patient and help him become more social again. Highly recommended to the people who are not getting cured since long time.

Amol Shinde

I say all of you that Jagruti Rehabilitation is really good centre for mind developing. It makes depressed patients good & also developes patients courage. The Staff & Dr.Amar Shinde sir behaves to patients as family members Premises of hospital is silence,quite & also in natural area like fresh air, sunlight.. I feel so happy there also I suggest you that It is really natural rehabilitation of our mind

narendra bhos