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De Addiction Programme

1) Understanding addiction as an illness, to develop Self Awareness & To develop strong will to quit addiction are the prime targets.

2) Don’t blame the patients as they are in vicious cycle , unable to quit it.

3) They are too obsessed with addiction too much that they give priority to addiction than other thing.

4) Usually there may be some underlying


problem so first diagnose & treat it.

5) Individual psychological counseling Insight oriented psychotherapy giving regarding the problem to self and others because of addiction.

6) Group therapies as our special effort has been proving useful in psychosocial improvements. Our De addiction Treatment is based on guidelines of A.A. & N.A. Individual & Group Psychotherapy helps mould unhealthy personality patterns. Addiction Anonymous Groups & 12 Step Programme for de-addiction patients

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7) Family counseling as family members are over concerned or neglecting the patient. Emotional Relief of family members immediately after admission. Family members need to understand that mal adaptive pattern of addict patient is an illness & he is not intentionally doing. Counseling improves patient’s & families’ ability to understand to each other in better way.

8) Antabuse therapy i.e Disulifiran if patient takes Addiction on this *** he may get Palpitation,Vomiting, Nausea,Low B.P etc specific medicins are used so that he can quit it .

9) For de addiction we include, AA groups, Family therapy, spirituality & Medications which provide effective Management for De-addiction Disorders.

10)To develop various healthy hobbies to get happiness which is usually sought from addiction.