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Mental Health Programme

  • In Jagruti our focus is to provide comprehensive, multimodal care solution.
  • Our facilities provide effective care & treatment required for 


  • On Admission Detailed history & Diagnosis of the illness.
  • Explanation to the family members the natural course  & Prognosis of the illness.
  • Individualized Treatment Plan.
  • To cater to needs of

    psychiatric patients

    , we have both OPD & IPD services.
  • For the in-patient services, we perform regular Neuro-Psychological assessments.
  • Neuro-Psychopharmacological treatment is balanced to provide maximum effects, functionality & less side-effects.
  • Social skill training to improve social impairment.
  • Group therapy as our special effort has been proving useful in psychosocial improvements.
  • Individual counseling & Insight Oriented Psychotherapy to enhance  patients self awareness.
  • Family therapy improves patient’s ability to adapt in family better.
  • Functionality improves with group activities & allied therapies like music & dance therapy, group discussions, reading, writing, kitchen activities, self care activities etc.
  • Availability of ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy) facility as a last resort who are not responding to medicines.

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