Mental Retardation Care

There is persistent need for the care & treatment of Mentally Retarded people with behavioral problems.

Mental Retardation Care

There is persistent need for the care & treatment of Mentally Retarded people with behavioral problems above the age of 18 yrs.

We see a spike in need for mental retardation treatment in Pune. Persistent care and treatment is required for patients (above the age of 18 years) in a holistic manner from professional centres. Mental retardation is a developmental disability in which intellectual capacity of a person doesn’t grow at the same pace as a normal person. It is a case of below average IQ (Intelligence Quotient). However, there are multiple tests that are required in order to identify the disability, which helps to create the optimum level of treatment plan. Mental retardation is a developmental disability in which intellectual capacity of the person has not grown to that of normal person. It is also called as below average IQ (Intelligence Quotient), measured by various tests.

Following is the classification depends on IQ

Normal Intelligence - 90-110
Dull Normal Intelligence - 80-89
Borderline Intellectual Function - 70-79
Mild Mental Retardation - 50-69
Moderate Mental Retardation - 35-49
Severe Mental Retardation - 20-34
Profound Mental Retardation - 0-19

What do we do?

As the leading mental retardation hospital in Pune, Jagruti rehab centre, we offer the best mental retardation treatment in Pune. Our wise experience in the field helps us prepare the best possible custom plan for your treatment. We ensure that least medications are used to reduce the chances of getting affected by side effects. Our major focus lies in using behavioral therapy, psychosocial therapy, social skill development, exercises, yoga & meditation as the core treatment elements. This promises for a normal lifestyle for a happy recovery plan. Not only the patient is given utmost importance, but the family members are also provided required therapies.
One of our salient features includes treating the epilepsy category of patients. They have behavioral problems which are unable to manage and require extra efforts for the professional caregivers as well. But we work diligently with the patients and their families for a synchronized and holistic treatment plan. Individual centric plans are made to provide quality treatment. Autism patients are another category which is treated with specialised care at our centre. Their issues of poor social interaction makes things very tough provide them custom services. But still, at Jagruti, no patient is left unattended. Professional treatment for autistic children becomes more and more important as they age. Our aim is to provide a friendly and comfortable environment for these children to grow with their optimum.
Take a step ahead and reach out for mental retardation treatment in Pune with Jagruti Rehab Centre! Break the barriers that showcase mentally ill patients as irrecoverable. Promise to provide your child or loved one with the best treatment if they require it!

Impact on Families?

With the diagnosis of Mental Retardation in a child causes devastating effects on the lives of parents & families. Parents or care givers are the heart of family which also has to manage these children with their routine work. Caregivers many times develop mental & physical problems because of too much burden. Many times parents try various treatments but the results are poor. Also if with mental retardation, there are behavioral problems then there are lots of issues in the family. Many times doctors prescribe antipsychotics to reduce the behavior, which causes lots of side effects like weight gain, salivation, slowness, reduction in cognition in already intellectually disabled person.

We at Jagruti Rehabilitation centre, with the years of experience we developed a treatment pattern which includes very less medications. We use behavioral therapy, psychosocial therapy, social skill development, Exercises, Yoga & meditation as the prime so that they can lead normal life like others. We are concerned about their quality of life as well as that of family members.

Also there is another category Epilepsy with behavioral problems. These are also not easy patients to manage even at the Centre. We work with the family members to understand the main issues with these patients so that with the cooperation of family we can develop some individualized plan for the treatment of these patients.

Autism with Behavioral problems

Autism with Behavioral problems. Due to poor social interaction with sometimes unable to communicate with people, these are also not easy children. As they grow older, sometimes they are unable to manage at home. We feel if we could provide an environment, in which they can live comfortably, that’s the achievement. These children also sometimes not easy, but we discuss with the family members to develop individualized plan of each of these children.