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Rehabilitation and Mental Health Recovery is Like Finding Strength in the Darkest Hour

Rehabilitation is rebuilding yourself—but just a stronger version. Mental health is as important as physical health. Be it issues of addiction or trauma, each pitfall has a silver lining–-a ray of hope—with us at Jagruti rehab center in Surat. Our team of skilled professionals offers more than just therapy—we accompany you like a trusted friend, guiding you through every step of your healing journey.

Through a group of caring experts and proven therapeutic techniques, we provide a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation, fostering personal development and renewal. Step into a transformative sanctuary and embark on an extraordinary rehabilitation encounter. Your inner strength is paramount, and in collaboration with Jagruti, we can unlock the gateway to a life filled with endless opportunities.

Welcome to a Jagruti rehab in Surat, a sanctuary of healing, where your victorious tale begins to unfold.

Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre in Surat for Your Mental Health

Are you suffering? Do you see a loved one or your teen battle the shackles of addiction and mental illness round-the-clock? Fret not! Jagruti rehab center in Surat is all prepared to be their next best aide.

Our centers located across India stand out due to the array of services we offer, our team of experienced healthcare professionals, and the modern facilities we provide. However, before anything else, we need to ascertain whether you are going through the following challenges:

  • Alcohol dependence
  • Substance abuse and drug addiction
  • Compulsive use of pornography
  • Excessive mobile device usage leads to depression
  • Feelings of paranoia
  • Schizophrenia
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Eating disorders
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Dementia or any other mental health issues or addictions

Whichever battle you may be facing, our dedicated team at the rehab in Surat is fully committed to helping you overcome these obstacles. Our transformative approach is specially designed to provide the necessary support, guidance, and care to facilitate your journey towards healing and empowerment.

Embrace the opportunity to receive assistance from the experts at Jagruti rehab center in Surat, because you truly deserve a smooth path towards recovery and personal growth. Our other centres Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Navi Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida, Ahmedabad.

Mumbai Rehab Centre

Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre
Siddhi Vinayak, Plot no 37, Near Dhanashree Pearl Building
Sector 5, Petali, Taloja Phase 1,
Navi Mumbai - 410208.

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How Does Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre in Surat Attend Your Mental Health?

At Jagruti rehab in Surat, we emphasize a comprehensive approach to treatment, focusing on the root causes of addiction and mental health issues. We begin with a tailored therapy strategy designed to meet your needs and challenges:

  • Detoxification

    The first stage of your rehab stay will include a medically supervised detox to rid your body of harmful substances. We prioritize your safety and minimize withdrawal symptoms through careful and non-aggressive measures, whether it is drugs or alcohol.

  • Rehab through Brief Intervention

    Our team of physicians, therapists, and caregivers conducts individual interventions/sessions/talks/discussions, to understand your unique situation and develop a personalized treatment plan for you.

  • One-on-One Counseling

    Personal counseling is an essential component of our treatment strategy. Our trained therapists work closely with you to address mental health issues that arise following detox, guiding you with compassion and nonjudgmental support to promote self-awareness and emotional growth.

  • 12-Step Facilitation Therapy

    Our facilitation therapy, based on the principles of widely recognized 12-step programs, provides a structured framework to support your recovery journey, encouraging personal responsibility, introspection, and peer support.

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

    Through CBT, you'll learn to recognize and change harmful thought patterns and behaviors. Our team at Jagruti rehab center in Surat will be by your side, helping you navigate the challenges of de-addiction on a day-to-day basis.

  • Family Therapy

    We offer family therapy sessions, knowing the importance of family support in the healing process. With the help of these sessions, you can rebuild your relationships and have open conversations to help with your recovery.

  • Group Therapy

    You can connect with others who have faced comparable challenges during group therapy sessions. You can develop your interpersonal skills while gaining insights, encouragement, and inspiration in this secure and encouraging environment.

  • Self-Help Group

    As you move along in your recovery, we urge you to join a self-help group that will offer ongoing social support after you leave the rehab facility. To achieve long-term success, these groups provide a forum for preserving sobriety, exchanging stories, and providing support to one another.

Remember, your commitment to our treatment plan at the Jagruti will be the key to your success!

Our Services at Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre in Surat

At our Jagruti rehab center in Surat, we understand the interdependence of addiction recovery, rehabilitation, and mental health. Our specialized services encompass:

Our focus is on providing individualized care, and we create treatment plans that are specific to each client's needs. Our team consists of highly qualified doctors, medical professionals, and counselors who are experienced in treating complex psychiatric conditions such as schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD), bipolar affective disorders, and depression.

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Our center in Surat provides all-inclusive, multimodal solutions for your loved ones dealing with dementia issues. Our dementia care includes treatment for Alzheimer's disease, vascular disease, the detection of Lewy bodies, frontotemporal issues, paralysis, brain hemorrhage, and other conditions. As we tirelessly work to improve the quality of life for those who are suffering from dementia, we guarantee the utmost discretion and patient security.

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At Jagruti rehabilitation centre in Surat, we firmly believe in viewing addiction as a disease, not a sign of moral depravity. Our main goal is to give people the tools they need to beat addiction through specialized therapies, cognitive-behavioral therapy, all-encompassing rehabilitation, and ongoing support. Through individual, group, and family therapy sessions, we help people become more self-aware and instill a strong desire to beat addiction.

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How Does Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre in Surat Create a Memorable Experience for You?

Our devoted staff is committed to growth and innovation under the direction of renowned psychiatrist Dr. Amar Shinde. As trailblazers in the field, we take pride in being the first private psychiatric, dementia, and addiction rehabilitation centre in Surat. Here's why our approach sets us apart and makes us an ideal choice for your needs:

Experience and Reliability:

Our highly skilled team, consisting of psychiatrists, doctors, psychologists, addiction counselors, nurses, and specialists, boasts a combined experience of over 16 years. We offer comprehensive psychiatric, dementia, and addiction treatments, ensuring your journey to wellness is guided by capable hands.

Flexible Outpatient and Inpatient Programs:

At Jagruti rehab center in Surat, we offer adaptable in-patient and out-patient programs tailored to your unique requirements. Our structured inpatient programs create a nurturing environment for individual and group therapy, educational sessions, and recreational activities, equipping you with the tools for sustainable sobriety. Meanwhile, our high-quality outpatient programs allow you to maintain your daily responsibilities while receiving the support and guidance you need.

Round-the-Clock Care:

At Jagruti rehab, round-the-clock support is one of the cornerstones of our care. Our team of doctors, nurses, and attendants is available 24/7, treating you like family and providing constant presence and attention throughout your journey.

Integrated De-Addiction and Mental Health Treatments:

We adopt an integrated strategy to address addiction and mental health at the same time because we recognize the critical link between the two. We provide specialized psychotherapy services under the supervision of skilled psychologists, including powerful psychological, cognitive, and behavioral therapies, as well as comprehensive testing for effective and holistic treatment.

Aftercare Services:

We at Jagruti rehab in Surat, firmly believe that recovery is an ongoing process beyond the program's conclusion. Our comprehensive aftercare services are designed to support your long-term success. We provide ongoing guidance and assistance to help you maintain sobriety and navigate life's challenges post-rehab.

International-Standard Facilities:

Our facility prioritizes your well-being by offering high-end technology to expedite recovery. Cozy living quarters, daily assistance, and attentive team supervision contribute to your comfort. Engaging activities such as yoga, meditation, and entertainment programs further aid in your swift recovery.

Respect for Privacy and Data Protection:

Respecting the utmost privacy of our patients is of paramount importance to us. Throughout your treatment journey at Jagruti rehabilitation centre in Surat, we uphold strict confidentiality, ensuring that your privacy and trust are safeguarded and respected.

Expert Advice from Jagruti rehabilitation centre in Surat

Jagruti rehab facility, with its supportive care with therapies, 24/7 medical assistance, growth opportunities, and holistic well-being focus, can be the next destination for you and your dear ones who are suffering silently.